Obesity and type2 diabetes

In an alarming research that type2 diabetes patients underwent, 80-90% of them were found to be obese or tending towards severe weight gain.  Despite being an appalling fact, it can be a treated as a revelation that demystifies the health conditions type2 diabetes brings along.

Unlike type1 diabetes, in case of type2 diabetes, the body makes insulin. But with type2 diabetes, either the pancreases do not make enough glucose or the body does not use it well enough. Known as insulin resistance, this is one of the adversities of weight gain. Centers with weight loss surgery in India from a long time now are studying how the obesity-type2 diabetes chain maybe broken.

Obesity places too much pressure on your body in different ways, including your body’s ability to maintain the ideal blood glucose level. Overweight can cause severe insulin resistance. This means, if you are a diabetic, you will need to take even more insulin to get sugar into your cells.  If you are not diabetic, the prolonged effects of the insulin resistance can eventually cause you to develop the disease.

Moreover, weight gain is common in people who take insulin dosages to treat diabetes. The more insulin we use to maintain the glucose levels of our body, the more glucose is absorbed by our cells, as opposed to insulin being eliminated. The absorbed glucose is stored as fat, which causes the weight gain.  This is thus viscous cycle that you can break out of only through weight loss. weight loss surgery in India can fail to treat your condition, if you do not try to lose weight naturally.

Losing weight really does help gain health! Take care!weight loss surgery in India

Commom Causes For Obesity in Men

Poor eating habits and lifestyle choices are universal causes for obesity. However, certain causes are more prevalent in men than women. A closer look at what causes obesity can help you fight it and save you the trouble of looking for weight loss surgery in India in the near future!

  • Eating habits tends to get far more erratic and unhealthy in men than in women. This is due to different reasons from levels of consciousness, inherent appetite needs and a tendency in men to consume more calories than they burn.
  •  While men are generally not considered vain, the fact is, they tend to deal with fitness-pressure by indulging in drink or food binges. This acts as a viscous cycle and causes further weight gain.
  •  Low testosterone levels and weight gain work in cyclic patterns through which, infertile men tend to put on weight and overweight men tend to have lower testosterone levels.
  •  The common societal sanctions and other misconceptions have made excessive drinking and smoking acceptable for men over women. This, in addition to the myth that the father’s health does not affect the health of the child as much as the mother’s, has led men to make poor lifestyle choices, resultant of which is extreme obesity.
  •  Centers with weight loss surgery in india have researched how men tend to neglect health, take more stress and find it difficult to make healthier choices later in life.


Begin a healthier lifestyle today; it is not too much to ask of yourself, for yourself!


obesity in menHere is some information by our doctors to help you understand obesity better

Common Causes for obesity in women

weight loss surgery in indiaWhile obesity is a disorder in itself, in women it is increasingly the cause or the result of an underlying disorder that needs attention. Obese women often battle hormonal imbalance, infertility, type 2 diabetes and heart conditions. Here is a look at specific causes for obesity in women that centers with weight loss surgery in india often come across –

  1. Diet: Much has been written and read about ideal diets but many researchers have shown how women put their own diets on the back burner, while they make sure rest of the family eats right.  This is especially true in the case of postnatal diets and weight gain.


  1. Genetics:  For a long time now, wider hips were believed to be a blessing, considering how the estrogen backed weight kept heart conditions at bay. But it is also unfortunately true that women inherit obesity tendencies more often and this is also why they get fatter as they age.


  1. Lack of exercise: For better or for worse, the manpower-driven practices that the previous generation had, ensured women had enough physical activity in their daily routine itself. But today’s sedentary lifestyles and hectic schedules make exercising a necessity, which revolves around the luxury of time. Thus, an eat-sleep-work schedule has hampered natural fitness levels.


  1. Medical causes: Often a result of all the causes listed above, medical causes like hormonal imbalance, PCOS, diabetes or thyroid deficiency are also causes for infertility, unexplained weight gain and development of heart complications.

Looking for the  weight loss surgery in India  may seem easier than the lifestyle choices you need to make but it is also true that the cure to your problems is within your reach to a large extent.

5 ways to fight obesity

If fighting obesity was a day’s work, weight loss surgery in india would have long gone. But, it’s a continuous effort that you need to hold onto forever. Here are some basic pointers you need to stick to, in order to lose the surplus pounds –

Eat right:  As simple as it sounds, if we keep fattening food at bay and eat in moderation to our best capacities, obesity will not develop as a problem at all. Besides, being obese does not mean it is too late to begin eating wisely.  The right diet will prevent worsening of your weight issues.

Make exercising a necessity: Exercising regularly on a day-to-day basis is essential to fight and prevent obesity. Burning more than what you consume is integral to keeping the scales from tipping toward extremes.

Cut down stress: The impact that stress has on obesity is manifold.  It cause excessive eating, makes one psychologically weak and spoils the natural mind-body balance. Keeping oneself motivated to seek higher goals and maintaining peace of mind is essential for successful weight-loss.

Regular check-ups:  Irrespective of whether or not you are doing well in your weight-loss journey, get regular check-ups. Also, seek a professional dietician’s help to chalk out a good diet and make sure you follow it.  Do not hesitate to seek motivational help as well.

Making the right habits: Excessive smoking, drinking, consumption of aerated drinks and fattening food are habits that are best left behind. Pick up habits that take you nearer to your fitness goals instead of those that thwart them.

weight loss surgery in india

King of fruits, king of nutrients

Mango is called the king of fruits for more than just its heavenly taste.  While flavor and aroma are great reasons, mangoes are exceptionally nutritious. Learn more –

  1. Anti-cancerous: Mangoes are rich in healthy enzymes and have proven to cut down the risk of colon, breast, blood and prostrate cancers. They contain compounds like fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat that have anti-cancerous properties.


  1. Lowers bad cholesterol: Mango comes loaded with fiber, pectin and vitamin C, all of which help bring down serum cholesterol levels. Mango reduces the levels of low-density lipoprotein which clogs blood vessels and you dont have to worry about best heart surgery hospital in Bangalore


  1. Mangoes for healthy eyes and skin: About a cup of diced mangoes can get you 25% of your daily requirement of nutrients for the eye. This includes Vitamin A that promotes better eyesight and cuts down chances of night blindness. Mangoes also help de-toxify clogged pores and helps battle pimple woes.


  1. Ayurvedic remedy for heat: The juice of a green (raw) mango mixed in sweetened water can cool the body down. When the body feels dehydrated under unreasonable temperatures, it gets over loaded with toxins. In Ayurvedic practices, a raw mango concoction is a proven remedy for this condition.


  1. Enhanced immunity: Mangoes contain a spectrum full of nutrients ranging from Vitamin A, C, and E to 25 different kinds of carotenoids. This naturally enhances comprehensive health and thus gives you better immunity.


There are over 1000 varities of mangoes in the word and it is believed to be one of the most consumed fruits. Mangoes are one of the many splendors of nature’s bounty. Devour them heartily and stay healthy!

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The Fruit Punch

Here’s a look at the goodness of 10 super-fruits. They can be snacks on the go, quick energizers and cost effective too and if you involve them in your diet you dont have to search for multispecialty hospital in Bangalore.

  1. Pineapples are great for those looking to enhance their levels of digestion and build stronger bones.multispecialty hospital in Bangalore
  2. Cherries come loaded with cyaniding, that helps cut down the risk of cancer. It is also an effective antioxidant.
  3. Bananas are rich in amino acids. They contain tryptophan that helps fight depression and keeps our mental health in shape.
  4. Lemon water is a proven cure for bad breath. It is also useful to mobilize fat deposits and helps lose those extra pounds.
  5. Oranges are Vitamin C loaded and help build strong bones. They also help you keep nourished glowing skin.
  6. Water-melons are primarily made of water and are good hydration agents. They help heal wounds better and cut excess ammonia from the body.
  7. Grapes enhance nitric oxide levels in the blood. This is useful to keep the blood flow good, naturally
  8. The pectin in apples can help fight bad cholesterol. It has proven to decrease as much as 16% of accumulated cholesterol.
  9. The antioxidants in mangoes have proven to be anti-cancerous. It contains healthy compounds and enzymes.
  10. Fiber rich guavas are great to fight excess weight and yet maintain the nutritional balance in the system.

Choose a balanced diet for comprehensive wellness!

Everyone talks of how important a balanced diet is and what it comprises of. But how much of a balance do our diets really have? Learn what a healthy balanced diet can do and stick to it right away!Balanced diet is integral for the immune system to work at its best: When the body is well nourished with a balanced diet, the immune system functions well and fights against infections better. Balanced diets are important to be able to reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, heart problems and diabetes. It also helps cut down the risk of developing allergies.

Important to maintain the right body weight so that we dont have to search for weight loss surgery in India: While on a balanced the diet; you will not tend to get over-weight or under-weight. With fats and carbohydrates in moderation, the body will also not crave for binges or suffer from stress.

Balanced diets are the key for the body to function well: With a balanced diet, the vital internal organs of the body can function at their best and will not have a pressure to fight obesity or excess cholesterol. Also they will get enough oxygen and nutrition. It is very important for growing children and adolescents to have a comprehensive diet.

Great way to have a positive mind: While on a balanced diet, the body will perform at its best due to which the mind can be fairly stress free and thus develop positivity toward life on the whole. It enhances healthy functioning of the mind, cuts down the risk of mental problems, enhances memory and boosts energy.

Get beautiful, naturally: With the right amount of nutrients, the skin glows, hair shines and your comprehensive health reflects on Weight loss surgery in India

Make sure you include enough vegetables, fruits, proteins, vitamins and minerals in your diet.  Eat in moderation, eat wisely and live well. Take care!

The goodness of water in a nutshell

It is well-known that water is the only natural elixir that is so easily accessible. Despite this being the first rule of every health book, it is ignored and easily forgotten. Let us make this golden rule well etched in our memory today!so we dont have to search for anyurology hospital in Bangalore or any other hospital.

1. Natural Energizer – Considering how our cells themselves are made up of water, drinking water boosts our energy. A well hydrated system is much efficient than a dehydrated one and can process nutrients much faster, thus keeping the body active.

2. Flushes-out Toxins – Water helps remove toxins and other unwanted substances from the body. This natural cleansing is a must for every system to work at its best. When the body is deprived of necessary water content, heart experiences an extra pressure to pump oxygenated blood.

3. Water helps maintain/lose weight – On one hand, water helps curb appetite and is practically free of calories. On the other hand, it helps mobilize and use up stored fat and prevents excessive formation of deposits.

4. Skin Care Essential – Water is the poor man’s spa! It detoxifies the skin and keeps it naturally glowing and healthy. People who drink enough water can be better equipped to fight ageing and will usually have moisturized skin.

5. Safer Kidneys – Water balances out the acids produced in the body and thus helps the kidney work with lesser strain on it. People who drink enough water run a lesser risk of developing kidney ailments than those who do not drink enough water.

6. Maintain body temperature – The body functions best at normal temperature. Both higher and lower levels make it difficult for the heart and the brain to maintain balance. This rule is especially true for people living in regions that have a higher temperature

7. Boosts Metabolism Water helps the body transport sugar and energy. It breaks down complex substances and enhances digestive speed of the body that in turn enhances metabolism.

8. Hormonal Balance – Water helps maintain the natural pH balance of the body. With its influence on body temperature as well, it keeps hormones in sync and active.

Make sure you drink about half an ounce of water per one pound of your weight. This means a person weighing about 150 pounds should drink about 2.2 liters of water every day. Urology Hospital in Bangalore

Choose cucumbers, choose health

Cucumber, with a nutritional quotient that exceeds that of many other vegetables, features in numerous ‘super foods’ lists. Learn why you should eat them as often as you can –

  1. Cucumbers are 95% water. This means, it is a great way to hydrate the body and get rid of toxins naturally.
  2. Cucumbers contain anti-cancerous properties. Research has proven how cucumbers can help you cut down the risk of cancer.
  3. As great sources of silica, cucumbers help promote the health of your bones, especially the joints. They are known to promote the power of endurance in your connective tissues.
  4. Cucumber aids weight-loss. Cucumber salads and soups are ideal when you are on a fitness diet. Team it with low-fat yogurt on your way to enjoyable health.
  5. Chewing on raw cucumber promotes the strength of your jaw muscles. Besides, raw cucumbers are fiber-rich.
  6. Cucumbers are known to balance out the acids in the body. This has proven to be beneficial to the kidneys and you dont have to look for best kidney treatment in bangalore.
  7. Cucumbers replenish minerals like potassium and magnesium that are important for healthy skin. Therefore, cucumber-based treatments are such a hit at spas!


Besides all of these benefits, cucumbers revitalize the body with daily vitamins, are great for the eyes and prevent bad breath. There is no reason as to why you should not eat them more often!Best Kidney Treatment in Bangalore

Read why you should eat tomatoes

Weight Loss Surgery In IndiaTasty, tangy and popular as a fast-food ingredient, lesser-known is the fact that tomatoes are rich in nutrients and offer incredible health benefits. Here are 7 reasons why you should snack on them more often –

  1. One serving of tomatoes carries about 2 gms of fiber which makes about 7% of your daily need of the nutrient. Tomatoes are one of the yummiest ways to supplement fiber!
  2. Tomatoes are beta carotene-rich, a vitamin that keeps your skin glowing. Besides, tomatoes contain lycopene which protects the skin from the damage UV rays cause.
  3. Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin K and Calcium. It builds strong bones and helps enhance bone mass.
  4. Despite all the goodness they are packed with, tomatoes are surprisingly low on sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol. They also cost the body very less calories.
  5. Tomatoes constitute of a lot of water. So, including them in your general fruits/vegetable diet will make you feel fuller soon, at the cost of lesser calories and you dont have to search for weight loss surgery in india.
  6. Tomatoes can help you control blood-sugar levels as it is a source of chromium. It can also regulate the fat in the blood and thus support a healthy heart.
  7. Tomatoes are a great way to bring back shine in your hair. Get a flowing mane with a tomato rich diet that will supplement your Vitamin A, C, E and K needs.

Even the healthiest super-foods should be consumed in moderation. Remember tomato works best as a part of a comprehensive diet and cannot be the diet itself. Eat wisely, stay healthy!