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Plastic Surgery

 ‘Plastic Surgery’ is not what it used to be. With improved technology, it’s neither ‘plastic’, nor ‘surgery’ involving a knife. If you are not the kind of person who wants to meddle with the natural, then the following few techniques may be options for you to consider.

A quick fix option for those days when you are unhappy with your body is a temporary breast enlargement. As an alternative to surgery, a saline solution is injected into the breasts, causing them to increase in volume for a brief span. The procedure was conceptualized to make sure that women who were opting for breast enhancing surgeries could determine how they would look once they had it.plastic surgery hospitals in bangalore Contine reading

7 First Aid Essentials for your purse

Sometimes all you need is tweezers to ease the pain and prevent any further injury. First aid is all about being prepared for any emergency that make you search for emergency care in bangalore. For serious injuries, first aid is the first step but for minor cases of cuts or bruises, first aid is all it takes. So Vikram, super specialty hospital, is here with a quick list of essentials for your purse or car: Contine reading

The Golden Hour

All it takes is a moment that decides the life or death of a person. It is that moment where the patient needs a doctor the most. Cardiac and respiratory emergencies need immediate care. It is that critical period which we at Vikram, one of India’s leading Hospitals with ICU in Bangalore call “The Golden Hour”.  The kind of help rendered during the initial 30 minutes can have the serious short term and long term effects on the patient. Contine reading