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 ‘Plastic Surgery’ is not what it used to be. With improved technology, it’s neither ‘plastic’, nor ‘surgery’ involving a knife. If you are not the kind of person who wants to meddle with the natural, then the following few techniques may be options for you to consider.

A quick fix option for those days when you are unhappy with your body is a temporary breast enlargement. As an alternative to surgery, a saline solution is injected into the breasts, causing them to increase in volume for a brief span. The procedure was conceptualized to make sure that women who were opting for breast enhancing surgeries could determine how they would look once they had it.plastic surgery hospitals in bangalore

 plastic surgery hospitals in bangalore

  Another substitute for the plastic surgery comes as a solution to hands that have lost their charm.  With ‘selfie’ being    the latest trend, it’s the focus of attention for many, as they flaunt their bejeweled, newly engaged, or mehendi covered  hands on social media. Hand shots are surprisingly common, and the fact that your hand does not look smooth or glowing may affect the outcome of the picture. In comes the hand lift – an injection to make your hand look youthful again. Thanks to a process which is much more long lasting than getting a manicure, a ‘lifted’ hand will not have age spots, veins, translucence, or even a bony appearance.

plastic surgery hospitals in bangalore

A corrective foot surgery is next in order, and it is nothing short of a marriage between science and fantasy. Fashionably renamed ‘Cinderella’, the procedure aims to finally give you the chance to put on those heeled shoes which you could not so far, because of the natural make of your feet. From aesthetic shortening of toes, to their optimized lengthening, from a foot tuck which reduces the fat on your feet, to a filling out of your feet so that they fit more snuggly into your heels – these minimally invasive methods take care of the needs of your shoe rack with unmatched efficiency. With the increase in the flooding of the Indian market by international shoe labels like Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, and Harry Winston, the chances of women opting for foot reforms have the potential to increase greatly.

With plastic surgery hospitals in Bangalore providing more and more plastic surgery options, the time is ripe for you to forget those bulky pumps and Dr. Scholl’s and go for those shoes which you’ve always wished for, instead. In addition to the wildly apparent cosmetic aspect of these procedures, they also have a host of reconstructive benefits as well. They are routinely used to correct deformities which result in an unnatural curve of the foot, or in an abnormally large toe that poses problems in every daily activity.

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