Major Spine Fracture Treated Successfully at Vikram Hospital

Mr. Gopinath suffered a major accident which resulted in multiple fractures, most critical being the spine fracture. His lower limbs had stopped functioning.

He was brought to Vikram Hospital where Dr. Amritlal, renowned spine surgeon, conducted an MRI exam and fixed the spine using screws. Within a month, he started walking.

Further, he was also treated by the cosmetic surgery department of Vikram Hospital. Dr. Kanti Shetty provided the best treatment available in the country.

Rare Disease Treated Successfully at Vikram Hospital

Gowramma frequently encountered fainting episodes and was drowsy all day. She consulted various neurologists but it didn’t help. Finally she was referred to ‪#‎VikramHospital‬‘s Neurology department, famous for Epilepsy treatment.

An unusual behavior was noted in her blood sugar activity and she was referred to the Gastroenterology Department of #VikramHospital. Dr. Vikram Belliappa conducted tests and found that a rare disease called Insulinoma, tumor in the pancreas, was the cause.

Laparoscopic surgery was conducted to remove the tumor and was successful. Gowramma now leads a happy, normal life.

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Knee Pain & Arthritis Treatment at Vikram Hospital

Mrs. B. Shankari is a housewife in her mid-sixties. She was encountering severe knee pain lately and that’s when she came to ‪#‎VikramHospital‬.

Dr. Chethan Nagaraj, renowned orthopaedic surgeon, took her case and conducted the tests. She was diagnosed with arthritis. To treat this condition, knee replacement surgery, computer-assisted procedure, was undertaken and after 2 weeks of surgery, she is now walking without any pain.

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Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment at Vikram Hospital

Mr. Deepak was diagnosed with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) and was referred to ‪#‎VikramHospital‬ in 2010. He has been getting dialysis treatment here since then.

Although he lives in Indiranagar, he travels a long distance to come to Vikram Hospital as he feels completely satisfied here.

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Nigerian Patient with Complex Fractures Treated Successfully at Vikram Hospital

Suleiman was a trader in Nigeria when he met with an accident and got his hip and thigh bone fractured. Even after months of treatment in Nigeria he wasn’t able to walk.

He came to ‪#‎VikramHospital‬ and met Dr. Chethan Nagaraj, an expert orthopaedic surgeon, who conducted his surgery the very next day. The following day, he surprised his patient by asking him to give it a try at walking again.

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Video Link: Hip & Thigh Fracture Surgery at Vikram Hospital


Medical Oncology

Medical oncology hospitals in India

Being the basic unit of all living beings except viruses, a cell forms the fundamental building block of your body. Every part of your body is made of billions of microscopic cells. Usually these cells divide and multiply every now and then to replace the dead cells. The DNA present in the nucleus of the cell controls these functions of division and multiplication. DNA also control or order the death of cells when they get old or damaged. But when this usual routine of DNA is interrupted by external issues, there will be an abnormal reaction from the cells. This reaction may come from one or more parts of the body where the cells continue to multiply and live beyond their life span. Overtime these cells form a mass and start growing rapidly with the help of self-directed blood supply. These cells are called as the cancerous or cancer cells. The study about these cancer cells and treatment of cancer is called oncology.

Owing to the type of treatment for the cancer, there are sub-specialties within oncology. These sub-specialities of oncology are Radiology, Anatomical pathology, Radiation oncology, Surgical oncology, Medical oncology, Gynaecologic oncology, Paediatric oncology. Among these let’s see in detail about Medical oncology in the following passage.

Medical oncology is primarily the treatment with drugs, by means of pharmacotherapy, which includes chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and targeted therapy. Medical oncology is the common type of treatment for cancer in India. Being an expert in medical oncology, Vikram hospital provides you with top-notch treatment for cancer and is the best among the medical oncology hospitals in India.

Chemotherapy is usually the most famous kind of treatment for cancer and also a really efficient one. Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses chemical substances, predominantly one or more anti-cancer drugs that are given as a part of standardized chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy may be given with the intent of cure or it may aim to prolong the life of the patient. Chemotherapy is more often done in combination with other cancer treatment procedures, such as radiation therapy, surgery, and hyperthermia therapy. Regarding to Medical oncology, chemotherapy is a wide followed mode of treatment to fight cancer among almost all the Medical oncology hospitals in India.

Hormonal therapy involves usage of hormones for the treatment of cancer and is one of major treatment types of medical oncology. It usually entails the manipulation of the endocrine system through exogenous administration of specific hormones, especially steroid, or drugs which impede the production or activity of such hormones. As steroid hormones are powerful drivers of gene expression in certain cancer cells, modifying the levels of activity of particular hormones can cause certain cancers to stop cell growth or even undergo cell death.

Molecularly targeted therapy, more commonly called as targeted therapy is one among the usually preferred medical treatment for cancer. Unlike traditional chemotherapy targeted therapy blocks the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific targeted molecules needed for carcinogenesis and tumour growth, instead of simply interfering will all cells that undergo cell-division, with the help of molecular medicine. Since most agents for targeted therapy are biopharmaceuticals, the term biologic therapy more often refers to targeted therapy when used in context of cancer treatment.

Medical oncology hospitals in India are not usually completely equipped with all facilities and provide all kinds of treatments, while Vikram hospital provides you with complete features to treat cancer through procedures like chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted therapy.

5 Quick Tips for a Healthy Urinary System

It’s really important that the impurities leave your body periodically to keep you healthy. The urinary system works mainly with the rigorous help of your kidneys that are striving tirelessly to keep you on track.  You’ll just have to put in a few efforts to help them on their endeavor. Following are the five tips to keep your urinary system healthy.

1. Stay hydrated throughout
Drinking enough amount of water in regular intervals help you prevent Urinary tract infections (UTI). It is very important to stay hydrated in order to help flush out bacteria, and all other impurities from the urinary tract and the blood respectively.

2. Answer nature’s call on time
Don’t withhold urine, put hit the restroom as soon as you feel the urge of urinating. Withholding urination can put increased pressure on your bladder which can lead to infection.

3. Put a close watch on your hygiene
Put some extra attention on your hygiene. Just avoid harsh soaps and make sure you shower thoroughly after swimming in pools or lakes. The germs in the open water could harm you, just add some more care.

4. Know your diet
It’s real better to avoid foods that may irritate the bladder. If you have an overactive or sensitive bladder, you’ll have to avoid carbonated and alcoholic drinks. Prefer a diet with fruits that have more of water content like melons, especially on sunny days.

5. Cut down the caffeine intake                                                                                                                                    Gulping in loads of coffee has become a part routine to so many people in recent days owing to the change in work pattern and lifestyle. But drinking caffeinated beverages may irritate your bladder and serve as a diuretic (increase your need to urinate). The more caffeine you drink, the more you may have a tendency to urinate.

Vikram Hospital Bangalore, super-specialty hospital, has one of the most renowned urologists with a highly qualified team. They are the experts of your internal purification system. Book an appointment @

Live your life in a healthy way to feel strong in body and soul. Follow the above tips to keep your urinary system in full-fledged progress without any issues. Live healthy to stay happy.