Importance of Healthy Post-Bariatric Care and Nutrition

A weight loss surgery in India alone is never the answer to all obesity woes. It is a part of the solution that needs to be complemented with healthy eating and nutritional care. The digestive system is made smaller in the case of a weight loss surgery in India and cannot take the same amount of food it used to before the surgery. Thus, the diet is integral to be able to both heal and lose weight.

weight loss surgery in India

A qualified dietician’s advice is essential after a weight loss surgery. Here is a brief phase-to-phase framework of a healthy post bariatric diet:

Liquid diet: A liquid diet is the first step in the calculated diet plan that follows a weight loss surgery. At this stage, nutritious liquids like soups, broth, milk and unsweetened juice are ideal. It is essential to avoid hydrated drinks and caffeine. Also drink small quantities at once.

Puree diet: A puree diet is a slight move toward solid food. Puree diet essentially includes mashed up food that has been made into a smooth paste. Beans, yogurt, egg whites, fresh fruits and vegetables may be had. One must eat the mashed food with water, unsweetened juice and milk. It is important to stay away from foods that one is allergic to.

Semi-solid diet: The progression to the next step largely depends on how the patient is receptive in previous stages. In this phase, canned fruits, lean minced meat and cooked vegetables are ideal. Stay away from hard sticky food and eat in small quantities.

Solid food: This is the final step in the diet and the patient may eat normal food as long as it is not very hard or spicy. Crunchy substances, nuts, rough meat and vegetables must be avoided. Eat moderately and wisely.

It is important to drink liquids between meals, chew thoroughly, choose organic supplements and exercise after it is permissible to do so. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid fattening food. Bariatric surgery is a solution; it is up to you to make it a cure.

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