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Diwali brings light and joy to every household. But when light takes its fierce form, it can also destroy everything. Every year many lives are lost to the fire accidents. Last year 365 burn cases were recorded. The victims are generally children and youngsters in the age group of 5-20 years.

Every Diwali there is a boom for the cracker business. Thousands and thousands of crackers are manufactured and sold.  Some of these are sub-standard and can cause blindness or severe burns. Unaware of all this, the excited kids buy loads of crackers and usually burst them without any precautions leading to fire accidents.

In the recent past, medical field has made major breakthroughs in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. Unlike the general perception where people consider it only for cosmetic purposes, plastic surgery is used for much more. From treating all degrees of burns to reconstructing lost parts of the body like limbs or facial structures, plastic surgery hospitals in bangalore covers surgery from head to toe spanning across various age groups of people.

Vikram Super Specialty Hospital is at the forefront of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. It is one of the best plastic surgery hospitals in Bangalore. A complete array of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatments is available at Vikram Hospital facility including the most current and innovative techniques for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures (like burn, hand, peripheral nerve, pediatric, craniofacial, breast etc.) are done with unique multidisciplinary approach to ensures that each patient has the best opportunity for a successful outcome – regardless of how small or complex the procedure.

Accidents do happen but what’s important is that we get past it. We will help you through the entire journey, just give yourself another chance!


plastic surgery hospitals in bangalore

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Plastic Surgery

 ‘Plastic Surgery’ is not what it used to be. With improved technology, it’s neither ‘plastic’, nor ‘surgery’ involving a knife. If you are not the kind of person who wants to meddle with the natural, then the following few techniques may be options for you to consider.

A quick fix option for those days when you are unhappy with your body is a temporary breast enlargement. As an alternative to surgery, a saline solution is injected into the breasts, causing them to increase in volume for a brief span. The procedure was conceptualized to make sure that women who were opting for breast enhancing surgeries could determine how they would look once they had it.plastic surgery hospitals in bangalore Contine reading