Rare Disease Treated Successfully at Vikram Hospital

Gowramma frequently encountered fainting episodes and was drowsy all day. She consulted various neurologists but it didn’t help. Finally she was referred to ‪#‎VikramHospital‬‘s Neurology department, famous for Epilepsy treatment.

An unusual behavior was noted in her blood sugar activity and she was referred to the Gastroenterology Department of #VikramHospital. Dr. Vikram Belliappa conducted tests and found that a rare disease called Insulinoma, tumor in the pancreas, was the cause.

Laparoscopic surgery was conducted to remove the tumor and was successful. Gowramma now leads a happy, normal life.

Watch ‪#‎PatientTestimonial‬ to learn more. ‪#‎MedicalTourism‬

Video Link: Rare Disease Treated at Vikram Hospital



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