How to reduce the occurrence of migraine headaches

A migraine is a severe and recurring headache condition which affects one-half of the head. In a worse case, the pain may last from 2 to 72 hours. It is a far more painful constraint than a normal headache. Doctors believe that migraine headaches are due to an abnormal activity in the brain which constricts the blood vessels. An aggravated form of a migraine headache leads to vomiting, nausea, eye vision difficulties and inexplicable sensitivity to lights. Did you know, a specific kind of Migraine called Hemiplegic triggers disturbing symptoms such as poking sensation on the head region with needles followed by instant weakness. The best way to treat migraines is to first understand the factors causing the pain, the rest can take its own healthy course of action in reducing the occurrence.

The prevention starts with the basic lifestyle changes. Make sure the first step towards reducing the occurrence starts with the proper food eating habits which help strengthen the process. The diet should include a whole lot of Vitamins ( B & D), magnesium and fiber. Avoid foods that trigger the neuron part of the brain such as alcohol, coffee, certain citrus fruits. Sometimes staying dehydrated for a long time causes a migraine to increase. There are other medical reasons like the normal hormonal changes which our body undergoes, daily stress factor and smoking too. Staying in a stuffy room environment can also be one of the causes that trigger a migraine. Apart from the reasons mentioned, migraines in women throw symptoms during their menstrual phase.

Let us look into the prevention tips to combat a Migraine Headache. The remedies suggest some of the basic yet important changes one could bring in their routine.

-> Always ensure you take adequate amount of sleep

-> The neck and shoulder postures should be proper during any activity that requires sitting for a long duration

-> If you are jet-lagged, make sure sufficient rest is taken

-> Go through a routine body sugar level check-up

-> A regular, proper and healthy diet lowers migraine levels

-> Yoga and exercises help ease-through extreme migraine conditions

-> Include food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, spinach, water and a lot of dry fruits

-> Help yourself relax by finding a calm, pleasing environment with the absence of electrical lights

->  Go for a small portion of coffee/tea and drink that whenever you feel the pain

->  Eat healthy food and keep your body-weight in control

Suffering from frequent migraine headaches can be a really tough phase to manage. Though there is no cure for migraine headaches, prevention can help you see a noticeable reduction in the frequency of migraine headaches. Apart from following a healthy diet and staying physically active, it is always suggested to consult a doctor before you introduce any changes in your life and ensure that your body can easily adapt to these changes without any issues. Remember, staying fit is possible if you stay aware!

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